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Trimming hedges, brush, vines, and small trees is as easy as hopping on your tractor, skid steer, or similar equipment with the Samurai hydraulic powered cutter that attaches to any loader bucket.

A hydraulic motor powers an oscillating cam connecting two cutting blades. Changing the hydraulic flow changes the speed of the blades. 2 inch opposing sickle sections allows the cutter to cut material up to 1 1/2" inches in diameter. The 38- in cutter only requires 3 gal/min. hydraulic flow and can be adjusted to cut vertically, horizontally, or at any angle in between. It comes complete with the universal mounting loader bracket.

The Samurai is virtually maintenance free with sealed bearings and a self-lubricating motor. Sickles are easily replaced as they are fastened with capscrews, not rivets.

The Samurai was developed in conjunction with the Canadian Research Council’s Industrial Technology Centre and tested by the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute.


  • Adaptable to multiple equipment from tractors to skid steers
  • Mounting bracket mounts to any size bucket for versatility
  • Installation and removal in a matter of minutes with simple hand tools
  • Minimal hydraulic flow requirements allowing for use on almost any equipment
  • High torque hydraulics cuts up to 1 ½” material
  • Trimming fall into loader bucket for easy clean up
  • 38” cutting bar for wide cutting swath.
  • Horizontal/vertical positioning for universal versatility.
  • Maintenance free for ease of use.


Hydraulic Motor 3.0 cu in/rev. High Torque
Hydraulic oil flow requirements 3.3 gal/min at operating speed of 250 rpm
Hydraulic Pressure Less than 500 psi during normal operation
Hose requirements(not included) 100 RI 1/2 diameter 1/2 NPT
100 RI 1/2 diameter 1/2 NPT
Overall length 48 inches
Overall width 10.35 inches
Overall height 9.81 inches
Cutter weight 50 lbs
Bracket Weight 15 lbs
Cutting length 38 inches