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EZ Mount Brackets


Standard EZ Mount Bracket + Samurai

$1,675.00 $1,555.00Add to cart

Attaches Samurai to the tractor bucket and allows manual positioning from vertical to horizontal or any angle in between. Bracket clamps to bucket, no modifications needed. A simple cost effective bracket mount when additional features aren’t required.

Deluxe EZ Mount Bracket + Samurai

$1,795.00 $1,680.00Add to cart

Add additional functionality to your Samurai with our Deluxe EZ Mount Bracket.
•  All the features of the Standard Bracket
•  Position up to 40 degrees below grade to allow cutting of embankments.
•  Adjustable safety break-away.
•  Adjustable break-away tensioner
•  Break-away lock out feature


Break Away Protection
Can’t always see what you’re cutting, protect your Samurai with the Deluxe EZ Mount Bracket break away. Should the knife encounter too much force the bracket will break away preventing possible damage to the Samurai. Simply push to lock the knife back into cutting position.


Multi Break Away Protection
The break away feature works in all knife positions. Want to lock the knife into a vertical or horizontal position, use the break away lock by placing a pin through the lock.


Break Away Tensioner Adjustment
Vary the force required for the break away to your specific requirements. Use an allen key to increase or decrease the break away force needed.


Cut Below Grade
With unlimited cutting positions from vertical to horizontal, the Samurai can handle all your cutting jobs. The Deluxe EZ Mount Bracket also adds the ability to position the knife up to 40 degrees below grade. Now you can cut along pond edges, ditches, and embankments with ease.