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Please SHARE with us how you use your Samurai or Sabre II Multi-Cutter.

Send us your pictures/videos along with a message to media@cutthat.com.

We want to share with the rest of the world your creative ways you have used our cutters.

I live in New Brunswick. I have 8 km of road to clear. Brush on both sides. This cutter saved me a ton of work with my brushsaw and probably saved me a lot of back pain. Best purchase of the year for me . Thanks guys!

Kevin Hachey  August 19, 2019
New Brunswick, NS.

I use your sickle cutter to keep the brush back at the edge of our fields.  It is an excellent implement for the task!
I have been using the break-a-way mount this spring and find it a big improvement over the standard one.
Last fall I was powering the sickle motor off a rear remote on my Kubota M7040 but found it difficult to moderate the cutter’s speed.
Recently, I added a Pressure Compensated Adjustable Flow Control and now find the operation much better.
I can push my remote valve into its detent position so the sickle cutter is continually running with no need for me to be moving levers.
I used an industrial strobe light to set the cutter speed, using the flow control,  to the recommend 400 strokes per minute when at full engine speed and thus full hydraulic flow.

Thank you again for making it possible for me to have the break-a-way mount.

David Petepiece, P. Eng.


Using the info from the support at you company. I built 90% of my mount. I wanted the blade to be 24” outside my tractor. Used scrap metal around the shop, including an old basketball goal post. So don’t laugh!
Everything I expected, love. I have two friend who will be ordering soon!

Johnny Chaffin
Cookeville, Tn.

Just had the unit hosed and flow controller set up. Cuts very nice, gives a great finish. When its not hammering down with rain, and when i have learnt best how to use the Sabre, Ill grab some footage and good quality images for you with it at work. None the less, really very very happy with the product within 10 minutes of use.

One Very Happy UK Customer. ***** Five Stars***** – Nick

Samurai To The Rescue
We live in South East Mississippi on 4 acres…lots of pecan trees and the property is heavily landscaped. All of this is also heavily landscaped. Needless to say all this trim available vegetation was keeping me busy…plus we had 2 garden sites and 24 trees. By the time we finished with the hedge work it was time to start again. I have used up one hedge trimmer and the one still operating was getting tired.
I started looking for a new trimmer and also a sickle-bar mower as I had heard about the smaller mowers being used to hedge trim. I finally picked up a Web Thread to the Samurai Trimmer and I knew after viewing the video we had a solution that was viable and much safer than converting and old sickle bar.
I have a smaller diesel tractor, (24 hps) FEL & 2/1 rear hydraulics with rear quick connects. We took the plunge and purchased the Samurai. The Folks at Canadian Agri Technologies Inc were great specify Grant who answered my initial inquiry and Janine who processed the transaction and kept me up to speed on the tracking of the shipment.
The learning curve of using the Samurai was evolving and we have kept our 3 blade finish mower attached so as we trim and cut, we can then mulch the cuttings. The property line down our side road has some hedge and lots of volunteer trees that had encroached on the property line. Some of the trees had grown over 30 feet high. We can reach up to nearly 20 feet with the Samurai and have reclaimed over 4 feet of property.
What use to take us over a month to trim (and immediately start again) can now be maintained in a 3 to 4 day period. Think the Samurai Hedge Trimmer is only for larger properties…think again.

Scott & Dixie
Lucedale, Mississippi, USA

How long much time it saved me by using the Samurai ? It usually took my employee and I about 2 1/2 weeks to prune my bushes using a hand held commercial gas trimmer. Using the Samurai cut down the time required to only two days. The biggest benefit from using it however is the clean cut of the blueberry canes. Most products on the market tear the canes and leave it more susceptible to disease infiltration. A cleaner cut helps limit the spread of disease.




Abshier Blueberry Farms
Belleview, Florida, USA

We were having major feeding problems straight combining canola this fall, but after installing saber knives on one end of each of the heads, the canola fed into combines way better. Next year we’ll mount them on the left side of the heads also, and we’ll be able to cut any direction we want.


David H

Hansboro, North Dakota, USA

The knife is all plumbed in & works great.

Jon B
Guernsey Channel Islands, United Kingdom

We have a few minutes to write you a note as it is drizzling, just want to let you know that the Sabre Cutter did an excellent job in our canola mess. Thank you for your excellent service when I was in a time crunch.
Merv G
Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada

I designed the adaptor and I used your bucket bracket for the angle selection, it was strong enough. Everything is easy and fast to remove to use the bucket. Also I can put the cutter direct in front of the bucket (not shown in the video). The step 2 I will add design to add hydraulic to adjust angle. I think you will have some orders from people around here.

Luc L
Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada

The cutters worked very well as without them we had nothing but grief always things getting tangled on the ends which creates bunches and a lot of frustration, I would recommend these to any one.

Joe K
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Mounted on John Deere 640FD

Troy J
Napolean, North Dakota, USA

Peter B
Pugwash, Nova Scotia, Canada

Trimming back snowmobile trail.

Gerald S
Plattsburg, New York, USA

Blue Eagle Farms
Bartow, Florida, USA

Glenn G
Harvey, Los Angeles, USA

It is working well now and am about to tackle cross country trails when this hot spell in MN subsides. I have done all the walking trails on my property already.

Fred W
St Cloud, Minnesota, USA

Midwest Fabrication
Dalby QLD, Australia

I spent about 2 hours trimming along trail edges cutting a lot more growth than I did a year ago. It performed flawlessly, and I continue to be pleased.
I used the Samurai to trim overhead and side growth along both sides of a half mile of trail at a nature center that I help maintain. I was able to do this in about 30 minutes even including numerous stops for trial adjustments. This would have taken more than a day by hand at the very best. In reality, I would not have been willing to do the job by hand at all.

Jack W
Moline, Illinois, USA

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